The current feature-set of HermesPy is steadily expanding and includes (new features in bold)

Modulation and Coding

  • Generic PSK/QAM/PAM modem with square pulses, (root)-raised-cosine filters or FMCW

  • Linear equalizers for non-orthogonal FMCW pulses in AWGN

  • LLR calculation for BPSK/QAM/16-/64-/256-QAM

  • Chirp FSK

  • Generic OFDM with arbitrary allocation of data and reference symbols in each resource element

  • DFT-spread supported

  • Extended GFDM framework

  • Repetition and LDPC codes

  • Faster LDPC decoder

  • 3GPP-like scrambler

  • Block interleaver

  • CRC overhead

  • Transmit diversity (Alamouti) with 2 or 4 tx antennas

  • Open-loop spatial multiplexing with linear receivers

  • Receive diversity (SC or MRC)

  • Radar detection for FMCW

  • Channel estimation for OFDM

Channel and Interference Model

  • Time-variant multipath channel with arbitrary power delay profile, Rice/Rayleigh fading

  • COST-259 macrocell model

  • 5G TDL model

  • MIMO support with antenna correlation, following Kronecker model

  • Interface to Quadriga channel model (requires Matlab or Octave)

  • Interference among different modems, with arbitrary transmit powers for different transmitters

  • Support for transmitters using different carrier frequencies and bandwidths

  • Single-target radar channel model

RF Chain

  • Memoryless non linear power amplifier following an ideal clipper, Rapp’s, Saleh’s or any arbitrary AM/AM AM/PM responses

  • Random time offset

  • I/Q imbalance


  • Installation as a Python library

  • Greater modularity and standalone usage of simulator classes

  • Full configuration using YAML settings files

  • Script for plotting different simulations in one graph

  • Drops containing several frames

  • Support for multiple transmitter and receivers

  • User manual provided


  • BER/FER statistics

  • Confidence interval is calculated and may be considered as a stopping criterion

  • Theoretical results available (depending on simulation scenario)

  • Power spectral density and time-frequency analysis

  • Time-domain waveform plots

  • Constellation plots

Known Limitations

The known limitations currently include

  • No native simulation parallelization

Release Plan

Full releases with a new set of features will be provided on a half-yearly basis, with software patches in between. For the next release, the current plan is

  • Modulation and coding

    • Radar Detection for FMCW and OFDM

    • Beamforming

  • Channel and interference model

    • Hardware in the Loop

  • RF chain

    • Phase Noise